Designing Show Record control

Designing Show Record control

Dear sir/ madam,

I'm merely a novice developer so excuse my ignorance...
I''m using OS I'm trying to build a 2-column, single record form. This form will eventually be incorporated as a Popup.

For that purpose I've used the 'show record' control with the following settings:
Source record: <Source record [structure entity]>
Display column: 2
Width: 100%
Cell padding & spacing: 0
Caption style: ShowRecord_caption
Value style: ShowRecord_value

By design it should be a free form (space between columns, empty rows between section ect). More ever, the sequence of the fields is not confide to the originally sequence in the structure (so I need to manually drag each attribute to the form).
My problem is that I cannot design the form. Placing an attribute mess up the hole order of the form. Is there a tutorial which can guide me through? Is there a better solution ?
Your help is highly appreciated,

Hi Dror,

I'll try to answer your questions:
- After inserting the "Show Record" onto the screen you can drag the entity you want to base it on top of it and it automatically creates all the fields.
- You can then order your attributes to make the widget look more like you want it to in these arrows:

- All the rest you'll have to use CSS style properties.

Hope it helps,

Hi Dror and Hermínio.

Thanks for your question. Indeed, Hermínio's answer is probably what you are looking for, and he explained it quite well.

Still, if you want to do something more elaborate in your page's format - namely regarding spacing between rows or columns, you might also want to (or need to) use more than one show records widget.

For instance - and this is just ficticional, mind you - suppose you have an Employee structure that as the following data:

- Employee number
- First name
- Last name
- Age
- Gender
- Street Name
- House Number
- Postal Code
- City
- Country
- Phone Number
- ID number
- Driver's License
- SS Number

You might want to do a page like:

Personal Information

[Show Record 1]
Name: Paulo
Surname: Tavares
Age: 29
Gender: Male
[End of Show Record 1]

Contact Information

[Show Record 2]
Address: The Right Street, 5, 2nd floor
Postal Code: 123456 Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Phone Number: +351 234567890
[End of Show Record 2]

[Show Record 3]
ID number: 12345647
Driver's License : 143262562 AB
SS Number: 3425625472
[End of Show Record 3]

Even though they are 3 different Show Records, they'll read from different attributes of the same structure (or entity), but allow you to display information in a different format, if that's what you are looking for.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Hermínio hi,

Appericiate your fast response.

I've tried using the arrows, but this, however, gives an unexpeced results (attributes order is messed up). Further more, I would like to create a line breaker, or even a label.  I see no apparent way how you can insert a table to the control. Show I just use web block instead?


Hello Dror.

I am sorry, but I am unable to understand the unexpected results from the arrows. Could you please explain it in more detail?

Regarding the line breaker or label, have you tried doing something like my previous post mentioned? Doesn't it help in this scenario?

If not, I would suggest you attach your eSpace to your next post, and create a screen using text only, saying what you want to put, how, and where, so that we can better understand what you are trying to do, and how can we help you!

Sounds like a plan? :)

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares