Workforce management and HR administration solution for Retail

Workforce management and HR administration solution for Retail

Hello everyone, i'm looking for an Outsystems implementation, experience or case study in the retail industry for workforce management (workforce planning, time & attendence for supermarkets) and HR administration of employees.
Hi Joachim, I've implemented an solution using BPT - Business Process Technology in a retail company. This solution was designed to manage the employee admission for a large number of stores, including admission approval and integration with 3rd party tools.

Hi Fernando,

My company is looking for such a solution as well. Would you possible show us what you have done, and can we discuss this offline. Please reply to

Hriday Keni
VP Sales
Pro-HR International LLC.

Hi Hriday, and welcome, Joachim, to the OutSystems Network.

Indeed, we do have experience - Fernando was responsible for the implementation of a project that fits the description you're looking for - but sadly we do not have a written case study to provide you, since this project is still recent.

The most we can get you is a testimony of the CIO of a large retail chain in Portugal - the one from that project - where he mentions a small part of it. The video link is

See at 0:35. What exactly are you looking for - or, by other words, how can we help you doing what you want to do?

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Hi Joachim,

I work with Detail Result (Deka Markt). You must be familiar with us since you are in the Netherlands as well. You must consider Reflexis Systems. We are implementing this solution.