Hi all,

I am trying to build android build for my application,

I updated the One signal plugin, also using 6.1 latest MABS version, still facing the build issue.

Can any1 help me on this?

Error :-
In Android on 2020-03-09 at 16:40:04 - Generation failed due to plugin version incompatibility with MABS. We recommend that you review the following plugin(s) and retry building the app:OneSignal-Cordova-SDK version 2.3.2-OS2 must be equal or greater than 2.6.0-OS1


Dhiraj Manwani.

Did you check this document: MABS Upgrade Troubleshooting Guide - Android and this MABS Version 6.0

OneSignal Plugin

OneSignal plugin must be the latest version (3.1.0 or later) to be supported correctly in MABS 6.0.

but in forge component page, you have this information: