Get the actual list of connectivity

Dear Outsystems community members,

As part of our migration we're trying to extract all the connectivities:

- External DB Connectivity

- REST Exposed
- REST Consumed
- SAP Connections

- SOAP Exposed

- SOAP Exposed

What I've done is made an own application based upon OutDoc (it has been installed).

This application just uses the EspaceXML entity in write all my connections (see above into a separate entity called connectivity). Now this application provides us the "Default connections" per espace & application name. However the problem is that OutDoc doesn't provide the actual connectivities.

So in the ServiceStudio on the ESpace you go to integration you provide the actual connectivity to the environment. Now these actual connectivities we're after and we're looking for an entity where this information is stored.

Please let me know if you would like to know more.

Hi Robbert,

I didn't quite understood your question but look into this component and let me know if it helps.