Delete table records via Modal in outsystems 11

I have category list binded in a table records widget. On delete link click, I have opened modal. In modal I am passing category name as input parameter. But everytime , the record in the list get passed.

When I click on Mobiles 2 Delete icon, it shows last category. 

I have created web block for displaying modal and passing 


as category name.

and upon clicking delete it always deletes last record in the list.

Is there any issue in passing the correct category reference to the modal ? 


You need to pass the rownumber.


Pedro Vila Nova wrote:


You need to pass the rownumber.

If I pass the row number, every time it gets the last row number. On Delete link click I want to pass the reference of clicked category to Modal.

I am passing category Id to modal on del link click but it get 0 

It got resolved. I need to ajax refresh Modal instead of Del link.