Input Parameter not Passing Through Popup

Hi guys,

I have an issue with a popup window.

In my parent screen, in the preparation, my query is populating local variables. I have a button that is set to navigate to my pop up screen. The popup screen has 3 input parameters. In the on click of the button, I am feeding in the local variables from the parent. 

In the popup, the parameters are assigned to checkboxes. When the user unchecks the checkbox, a get notify is used to update the value of the local variable in the parent.

The second time I open the popup, the values which are being passed are the defaults that were set in the preparation and does not reflect the changes I just made.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi Asha,

Check if your button on parent screen have a destination action:

and this action you fill your local variables.


Hi, friend.

Propably, somehow the Preparation is running again to feed its variables.

Can you send the .oml?