HighCharts mobile OS 11: Column Chart labels don't update


When using an HighCharts Column chart on OS 11 mobile an issue was detected.

When the list data is refreshed - SourceDataPointList - all the values are updated. However, the labels on the x Axis don't. The same isn't true when we use a line chart or even a bar chart. It works fine.

The workaround was to create a new web block with the Column Chart in it so we had the OnParametersChange event available.Then, we've manipulated the Highcharts object - in this case, the attribute Categories so it equals our data array. Afterwards, the redraw() function is called. Forcing the redraw after the data is refreshed seemed the only way to get to the wanted result.

Another issue was the fact that the JSON inserted on AdvancedFormat is read but some parameters such as PlotLines are rendered on the browser but not on the application,

We'd like to report the issue for future consideration and resolution,



Hi Patrícia,

The best way to report a bug is to contact OutSystems Support. Since this is a community forum, OutSystems is not closely watching it.