How to call an Oracle Storage Procedures with Cursor as Output Parameter


I´m using the forger componente Oracle Connector (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/6636/oracle-connector-p11) in order to call an Oracle Storage Procedure that returns a cursor:

I created some strutuctures in order to manage the input and output parameters:

And the I have tried many different ways to send those parameters to the Oracle Connector, but I allways get the error "Wrong number or type of arguments".

The current situation is the following:

As order_rec is an IN/OUT parameter, I have created it in the input and output structure, but as a "Text" just to count the right number of parameters.

Then in the "OutputList" of the component I added a "OpenOrderRecord Record List" to get the response list from the cursor.

Does anyone knows the right way to use the component in this scenario?

You might have better results posting to the support forum for the component:


Looking at the component, however, I'm not sure whether it supports the use case you're looking for.

If you want to use "Advance SQL" for cursor with procedure then follow below link. After so many struggle, finally found the solution. 

Oracle Cursor in Advance SQL

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