Problems with charts on mobile app


I am having a problem with charts in a mobile app. I will try to explain:

I have a Screen that has a set of conditions (if) to guarantee that aggregate HasFetchError false, IsDataFetched, and if aggregate is not empty. On the last if, as you can see I put a container that has the Chart. When I simulate the image of the chart is as follows:

If I change the code in order to put the reference to the Chart outside the if conditions, as you can see below, then I obtain a perfect graph:

Is there any explanation for this fact? I can`t understand.

Can you help me?

Thank you and best regards,



Looks like when you place your chart inside your correct hierarchy the other container or other widgets involved are adding some extra margin/ padding and because of that your chart is shifting towards the left of the screen.

Please try to check using chrome developer tool or share oml for us to be able to check in detail.