Latest Newscast on OutSystems - highlights from the Community

Hey everyone,

The latest newscast on OutSystems is out.

You can find it here:

On this edition we talk about the London OutSystems user groups, the changes that will happen to the MABS versions, the OutSystems Low-Code School and the new Training Planner. We will also give a peak to a couple of How-to's and, as usual, we go over the highlights from the OutSystems Community.

Video Timestap Index:

  • 00:20 - OutSystems Events - London OutSystems User Groups;
  • 00:52 - OutSystems Technology - MABS;
  • 01:20 - OutSystems Training - OutSystems Low-Code School;
  • 01:38 - OutSystems Blog - Training Planner: Mapping Your Open Road to Knowledge;
  • 02:12 - Hints/ How-Tos: How-to Upload an Image with OutSystems (Beginner);
  • 02:33 - Hints/ How-Tos: Azure / SAML2.0 authentication in OutSystems;
  • 02:57 - Forge weekly picks;
  • 03:17 - Idea of the week.

OutSystems Events - London OutSystems User Groups:

OutSystems Technology - MABS:

OutSystems Training - OutSystems Low-Code School:

OutSystems Blog - Training Planner:

OutSystems Hints/How to:

Outsystems Idea:

I recommend you also have a look on our channel for other relevant content:

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Thanks Tiago. Bumping this for visibility :).


Thanks Tiago for the sharing.

Hi  Tiago, 

Thanks for sharing the information.  

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Kilian! I thought about bumping it myself, but thought it wouldn't look good and/or could be intercepted by the Moderation team. ;)

PS: Being, this newscast, an effort made to serve the Community... honestly, it would be nice to see some help from OutSystems in making the community aware of it.


I agree! I've also moved this to News and Announcements, so it's better categorized.


Thank you for sharing this info



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