Nested Tables

Hi all,

Is it possible to build & use nested tables?

I'm using 4.1.

If not, is there an alternative to this?

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In version 4.1 the alternatives for web blocks inside web blocks that I can think of are: to create the HTML contents on the server side and show an unescaped expression, to use iframes or to manipulate a flat HTML table with javascript.

Tiago Simões
Thanks for your response Tiago.

I couldn't understand though what to do.

Could you send me an example? (4.1)

Hi Rui,

You might want to take a look at
 Of course having web blocks inside lists (possible in versions 4.2 and higher) is a much cleaner solution.

Tiago Simões


I did what's posted in that thread, but i get the same thing.
I get all iframes in the same line... 

Even though i had an unescaped expression with page break, it won't work.

Do you have any sugestions?

Thanks in advance,