mobile nested lists, on scroll ending triggered on parent, not child list scroll

HI Everyone.

I have a mobile app displaying a list of lists.  ie, I have lots of records, per category and a list of categories.  when I configure lazy loading on each child list, it seems only vertical scrolling triggers the OnScrollEnding, not the horizontal scroll-end of the child.  I implemented the horizontal scrolling via CSS.  do you think this could be the issue?  at the time I couldn't get the horizontal scroll widget to work cleanly in mobile.  any thoughts on how to fix it?

hmmm. solved my own problem without really answering it.

  1. added a dummy On Scroll Ending to the parent list
  2. added the horizontal scroll widget to the child list
  3. removed fixed width of child list
  4. added scroll touch css rule to .horizontal-scroll > .list.list-group