We have several apps that generate transactions for our ERP. These transaction are handled by a centralized OS app for logging, error handling etc. After succesfull upload in our ERP I want to notify the originator app about successfull upload and add the ERP_TransactionId to the database. 

The centralized App will only hold the data temporary (2 weeks after successfull upload). In a picture:

How do I get the red line to work? 

My idea is to have a similar called action in each originator app (e.g. "transaction_writeback"). So based on the eSpaceId the centralized app should start this action in the correct originator app. I hope my problem is clear. 

How do i get this to work? Or am I on the wrong track? 

Thanks, Bouke 

Hi Bouke,

It looks like it's possible to invoke a server action dynamically - but you could also implement this in another way.

I've seen requirements very similar to this and what usually happens is a webservice callback - so each application invokes your centralized transaction app and lets it know what their URL callbacks are with a Text input. Then, once your centralized transaction app decides that it's time to notify the originator app, it invokes the callback that was registered with the starting request.