I am experiencing a weird "issue?". Here is how it is;

I have a screen with a preparation that maps the data to a local variable(ClientNew).

The local variable is bound to a form on the screen 

The screen inputs are showing the data that it retrieved from the aggregate in the preparation. When i press submit everything is gone except for the Widget, ClientForm Record. I assume that when the form is linked to the local variable 'ClientNew' it should keep the data that is retrieved from the preparation. 

What is going on? 

Hi Jorick,

You're pretty close in your observation. Yes when a form is bound to a variable on Run time the values are handled only on the form record and not on the variables. 

When the form is intialized it uses the data if present on the variable and all the modifications to the same are stored on the form record.

You can reassign form data to your variable as a workaround.