CSS variable commented in Mobile style

Why are the variables in the Web Responsive (OutSystems UI) theme enabled and in the Native App version disabled?


.text-primary {

     color: # 0097eb; / * primary-color * /


When analyzing the current support is 100% of browsers: https://caniuse.com/#feat=css-variables

Those in red are obsolete.


I noticed the use of variables in both types of the framework.

OutSystems UI (Native)

OutSystems UI (Traditional Web)

Can you please expand a bit more?

Also, have you checked the blog post made by the OutSystems UI team? Might help clarifying that.

The basis for applications is not OutSystemsUI is OSUIMobileBase.

I don't understand why variables are defined and then not used. I am with version 2.3.4


Oh ok, OutSystemsUI Mobile still doesn't take advantage of CSS vars yet.

The team is aware and working to have this consistent with OutSystems UI (Web and Reactive).

Are you experiencing any issue because of this?

Thanks for answering.

I have a Reactive Web application and a Native application with OutSystems.

As the components are the same, I am analyzing to see how I can solve the small differences and with the CSS variables it would be enough ...

When analyzing, I have seen that the basis is the same, the names of the classes are respected on both platforms.

The only problem is that mobile variables are not used.

I was thinking of creating a layer above on mobile styles to solve current problems so that I can maintain integrity in my components in both applications (App and Web).