Is it possible to known the timer timeout in runtime?

My problem is to known when a timer is reaching its timeout, to stop it and don´t get the timer timeout.

How can i get the efective timeout value when the aplication is running?

Thanks in advance,

Gonçalo Marques

Hi Gonçalo,

You might want to take a look at the System entities Meta_Cyclic_Job and Cyclic_Job. The database table equivalents are ossys_meta_cyclic_job and ossys_cyclic_job. There you can find the same info that is printed out on Service Center timer screens.

Please use caution when using these tables, reading is okay but I wouldn't suggest writing on them.

Another alternate solution is to review your timer logic and set up a recovery process (e.g. restart process based on last datetime or last written id; depends on your specific logic).

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your answer.

I only want to know what is the value of the timer timeout. I use the entity Meta_Cyclic_Job only to read that value, and it works fine, thanks.


Gonçalo Marques