selecting check box and display issue


I am using Outsystems 11.6.29

I have six check boxes

lets say

N/A , close , open , Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3 

when I select N/A check box it should display all the data ...

and if close is selected it should display only closed account data 

and if close and priority 1 is selected then should display the priority1 closed data... and so on..

please help me in adding these filters and refreshing the data.

Thank you

What kind of application you are using? Mobile, Web or Reactive?

If you use mobile, please check this post.

Nuno Miguel Verdasca wrote:

What kind of application you are using? Mobile, Web or Reactive?

web Application

Hi Primal Lobo,

You can achieve this by onchange property of checkbox. In that write an action to show and hide the data according to the conditions. 


Wasim khan S

You can see this post, it's a great example.

Hello Primal Lobo,

I imagine one record of your data can be assigned a status with either the "closed" or "opened" option and only one of the "Priority 1/2/3"?

If so, then:


These checkboxes should apply searches to your aggregate.

The N/A should have a search filter with "N/A = True" -> All records are shown when N/A is True, as True = True.

The Open/Closed buttons should be a single button, where the search filter has a statement of 

"Entity.StatusId = OpenCloseButton" Do mind that the local variable OpenCloseButton should get a StatusLabel for this to work.

The Priority could be done with a "dropdown Select" or "ComboBox" widget, which would allow you to search 1 priority at a time.

The Aggregrate's search filter should look like:

"Entity.PriorityId = PriorityId" where PriorityId is a local variable filled by the combo box.


It helps if you would share some screenshots of the entities you're using and the screen you want to implement it in.




Instead of multiple checkbox did you thing using the dropdownselect pattern? I think for your case would produce a better user experience.



Hi Primal,

I would recommend using combobox for such a use case, or a radio button implementation if you want the UI to show all the options at once. Use a static entity to hold the values such as N/A or Closed.

Use a local variable of type static entity identifier to hold the selected value from the Dropdown or radio button



You can use OnChange event of checkbox