Client-side debugger not working

Since this morning, when starting the debugger, the browser session opens but only shows:

Simultaneously, Outsystems Studio shows a error too:

- My colleague can debug the same application / module without issues.
- For me it is not working regarding which module I try.
- It worked before, but doesn't work since some moment this morning, after a regular publish - without changing any settings, etc.
- I have already tried restarting my OutSystems Studio, Google Chrome. Nothing seems to help.

Maybe anyone faced the same issues, and knows how to solve it?

My Outsystems Studio version is 11.6.30, build 11705.
Our Development server is on version 11.7.2 build 5749.

Additional info: ServiceCenter Error Log maybe gives some more info - however I have no clue what's wrong.

These 3 error lines come up every time I try to start Debugger:

ErrorScreen [ErrorScreen] Could not open database 'Users'. Upgrade failed - unable to open the database.
VersionsManager Could not open database 'Users'
Could not open database 'Users'