Simple HR Module ?

Simple HR Module ?

I looking for a sample HR espace that manages employees... The key components are training records and associated employee agreement managements (documents). I am new to Agile and still in the first level of training during spare time working on other projects while I evaluate this software. A key component of what I am trying to do is store text data in the DBMS, but keep all the images in a file system storage hierarchy, not s stored blobs in the dbms for better performance.

Does anyone have anything they can share like this and if not, can anyone remember at what point in the training does it address the topic of a "distributed" database (relational w/ images in file system"

For this matter, it need not even be an HR module... any entitiy w/ parent/child relationship that also has document/file system addressed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sample code.

Hello Joe, and welcome to the OutSystems Network.

I am not sure that we have any sample of an HR module, but I know we have done some projects with file management systems.

There's this component in the Network, File Storage, which does something like what you want to do:

and the Document Storage as well:

However, these require the Enterprise Manager to be installed, which might be more than what you exactly need.

If you are trying to do something from scratch, you might want to try the following.

One way to access files in OutSystems is through the FileSystem extension that we published, which you can download here:

Or actually, if you want to store the files in a network server, through the improvement that Matthias Preuter shared with us:

As for the data model, I would suggest that you store the file path in the database - instead of the content - and then whan you actually want to read the file, read it from the file system using one of the extensions' methods (File_ReadBinary seems to be the one you want).

This should get you going in terms of reading the images - and storing them - in the file system. In terms of relational databases, that should be covered in the first few modules of Developer training, namely 2. Getting Started and 3. OutSystems Fundamentals.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares