[Html2PdfConverter] Unable to Generate PDF

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Published on 2 Jun by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2 Jun by Guilherme Pereira

Hi guys,

I am trying to use this component to generate a PDF from HTML.

Here's what I've done:

  1. Create a simple screen where an input parameter of Id populates the template
  2. In another screen, I have a 'Generate PDF' button, within the action of this button, I am calling the GeneratePDF action. See attached image.
  3. When I click the button via the front end, I get the following error "Problem generating PDF from HTML, URLs: https://app.stoltdev.com/BoLMA_MasterSI_UI/MSI_PDF_Entry.aspx?MasterSIId=31". I am able to access this link from the front end.
  4. I then ran a simple test of using www.google.com as the URL and this worked. To me, I don't think this is a configuration issue, as other projects in the past have used this same action in their projects and it works fine!

Can anyone help please?

Hi Asha,

You need to make sure that your server can resolve the url. You (or your admin) should log into the server and access the url from the machine browser to confirm it. 

I tried it from here and I get site can be reached (probably normal if this is an internal network).

You can also try to generate the url with an ip to see if it works.




Turns out I just needed to make my template screen anonymous!!