Reactive Web App - Create attributes in containers

We created custom components, I realized that in Reactive the attributes created in the containers are not rendered. Can you tell if this is a bug? I know that we can create variables in the client's scripts


Hi odasaki, please refere to this thread on the Forum:

Hope it helps.

Hello, you don't understand. The topic you referred to me is related to the use of Custom Tags. I'm talking about "attr" attributes.


<div itemId="22"></div>

On outsystems 10 it worked perfectly, now on Reactive it is not working. The only way to add the attribute to the element is through javascript.

Hi odasaki,

That is a limitation on the version of React (which only supports attributes that it knows about). The underlying version of React will be updated in a couple of months and that limitation should be removed. For now the workaround is to add those with JavaScript on the OnReady screen event.

Tiago Simões

Thank you, that's what I concluded. Is this information documented somewhere? Thank you

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