how to know when screen is loaded


How to konw  screen loaded is finished in preparation event?

I remember some system function like 'IsScreenLoading' in outsystems .

But I cant find it now.


mid you’re talking about traditional web pages:

If your intention is to know when the the server-side logic, it’s when the preparation flow hits the very final End.

but if you mean from the client-side perspective, you will need to enclose your JavaScript logic within the snippet below to make its only executed after all the objects were rendered in the screen.

$(document).ready(function() {

// your cod goes here


Now, if you’re taking about Reactive web or mobile, please refer to this article to have a good idea of the page’s event lifecycle:

Hi Joao Melo,

 I am talking about  the server-side logic in traditional web pages.  

 I have a aggregate in preparation, I would not to excute the aggregate when preparation.

 When search button is clicked , the aggregate will be excuted.

 I think i can use a local var to do it.  

 But I remember some system function can get the status of prearation (loadingscreen ....)

Thank you very much. 


Hi goahead learn03,

If i understand it correctly , you have an aggregate in preparation but you want to execute it. On search button click you might be refreshing the query to populate data .

A simple solution to this you can put a dummy if condition 1=1 in preparation and put your aggregate under false condition so that it will not get executed in preparation and because it is in preparation you will get it in search button to refresh .




Hi Pramod Jain,

Thank you very munch.

Thanks and happy to know that my solution solved your problem.