How to add custom data for your screen template and make it available for developers

I am trying to create a screen template which will have a custom data model and some some sample data. I created the screen template with this model but when I am creating a screen using this screen template it is fetching the data model but not the data inside the table. 

I did go through this link while creating the screen templates:

So my question is, how to make the data available in screen template to the actual screen getting created from the template ?


Hi Ravi, if your tables are in the template module, they’ll be cloned when you create a module based on that template.

You’ve got 2 options:

1. You can create a separate module to hold the database and data, this way when you create the new module it will reference the existing tables

2. You can create a bootstrap logic within your template module, so whenever you create a new module based on it and publish it, it will load the data into the new tables


Thank you Joao. I used the first option to create a separate module to hold the database and data and it worked like a charm.