Problem with server synchronization


I send you a file with a mobile module for you to help me to find the resons why I can`t do the synchronization with the server database, using Read/Write Last Write Wins pattern

I have followed all the instructions available at outsystems site:

In my app there is a blank module (core) with server database. The entity Budgts is read-only and 3 wrappers where criated for Upgrade, Create and delete actions at client site.

I can`t figure out where the problem is. I have tried to debbug.

Alll you help is wellcome.

Thank you,



Hi Lee,

If I'm able to understand your problem then it's like, firstly you have cleared the data from Local Storage and now while syncing, you are not getting the data on the "Budget" screen.

I have gone through the '.oap' provided by you and as i can observe that you are saving the 'budget record' to only local table not on the server side entity.

So please save the record on serverside first , before saving it to local.

Just use the "CreateBudgetWrapper" (already available in your PublicDBActions folder) inside  'CreateOrUpdateLocalBudgetForSync'  action  which is used in 'SaveOnClick' action.

I have tried this and it worked.

Do let me know if it works for you as well.


Lakshmi Kumar Yadav

Hi Lakshmi,

thank you for your feedback.

I was trying to implement the Read/Write sync pattern as documented in the Outsystems books.

After debugging I came to the conclusion that one of the flags IsActive was not correct, and it was the reason for the problem of non syncronizing.

However I must say that this pattern does not meet my needs. The delete of local storage is only achieved at next sync. 

Thank you and best regards,


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