I recently changed the name of an Entity (Role) Attribute from Name to Role.

During Publish of  this change the following Warning message appeared in output:

  • Database Integrity Suggestion:
    Inconsistent database table and entity definitions: column 'OSUSR_6j8_Role.NAME' exists in database, but there is no corresponding attribute in entity 'Role'.

Do I need to worry about this? 

Or is this just a little bug?



Hi Olivier,

This is nothing to worry about. First of all, it is a warning. It will not affect the working of your application.

This warning is displayed when you removed or renamed an attribute from an entity. OutSystems will still have the corrosponding column in the database table. This allows you to roll back a change and still have the data.

If you want to get rid off the message, then I advise you to install from the Forge either DBCleaner or DBCleaner on Steroids. 

Both applications allow you to remove columns that have not longer a corrosponding entity attribute. It also allows you to delete tables that no longer have a corrosponding entity.