[ReactFilePondUpload] Upload, but not to a form

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Published on 1 Jan by Stuart Harris
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Published on 1 Jan by Stuart Harris

I'd like the user experience to be that they can drag their files over a Table which also shows the files they've previously uploaded.

The idea is that the table becomes the drop area. You see this on sites like Google Play Music where you can drop new MP3's over the table that shows previously uploaded tracks.

Is there a technique to use here?

Hi Roy,

Thank you for an excellent question.

This is not a use scenario that I have considered supporting. However, it is a great idea.

Have you attempted to implement this, and did you find any problems?

I imagine it could be possible that multiple instances of the control might cause the wrong file to upload to the wrong place. This issue should be relatively easily resolved.

Please let me know how you go, and if it was implemented how likely are you to use it?

Kind regards,


Hi Stuart,

I'm no CSS expert, but what I watch what happens in Google Play Music. I'm wondering if a CSS layer, with a form, is enabled when you drag something on to the page.

This highlights the drop area and maybe stops the form and table from clashing.

Does that make sense at all?



Hi Roy,

Yes, I think I understand your idea.  Though CSS for the existing component will be ok.

It is the underlying javascript integration code that is likely to be a problem.

Kind regards,