Managing nuget dependency in extensions and using extension in module.

Hi Team,

I am trying to write an extension using external nuget dependency. Have built and published the extension without any issues. 

In one of my module, I have tried to use the published extension to utilize the custom functionalitiy. 

When running the application it throws an error stating "could not load file or assembly ..... ". 

let me know if it is possible to add external nuget dependency or not, if yes what is the procedure to avoid the issue I am facing right now.


Hi Sundar,

This training should give you the answer you’re looking for:

It’s part of the ‘Using C# code course’.



Hi Nordin,

I followed same steps, but still getting file not found for the nuget dependency I am using. I verified the resource tab in integration studio "nuget dependency dll was there" but it is not accessed from module.

@Sundar Manickam did you find solution to this?

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