BUG: Splash Screen appearing when navigating back to default screen

Hi All,

We are experiencing an issue with all our OutSystems mobile applications which diminishes the user experience. When launching the app for the first time it launches the standard splash screens before displaying the default screen.

This is illustrated in the image below and all fine.

Once on the default screen the user will press a button to navigate to the second screen. Once on the second screen, if the user presses the android back button or back navigation icon the app will navigate back and instantaneously display the splash screen again instead of going directly to the Default screen. The screen transition can is illustrated below:

This can be seen in the screen recording below.

 Is this the expected behavior and how can I prevent the splash screen appearing every time the user navigates back to the first screen.

Note this is only visible on slower devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5SE

That's a strange behaviour i have not seen before. Do you link the bottombar item directly to the home screen page? The splash screen should only show when the appliation starts.