OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response Program Info & FAQs

Hello Community!

This post will change frequently and continuously as we try to keep you up-to-date on the latest FAQs and information about the OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response Program.

[latest update March 16, 2020]

What is the OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response Program?

OutSystems is committed to helping turn up to 20 ideas focused on helping solve a global problem, into a reality, using our product and expertise.

We will support each project by providing

  • Free access to our enterprise-grade software—capable of handling large scale projects if needed— for the duration of the pandemic

  • Dedicated full-time support from our Community Team Advocates to enable, coach, and work with teams of OutSystems developers on these projects.

How can I participate?

You can take action here:

  1. Post your idea and let the community vote and give feedback.

  2. Review ideas from other community members and vote for your favorites.

  3. Share this program with your community to help expand the reach of ideas.

What is this forum for?

This forum gives the community a place to discuss ideas, organize teams, ask for feedback, and share whatever you want aboutCOVID-19. We do ask that you abide by the OutSystems Community Code of Conduct in all interactions.

But I have a bunch of other questions

Check out our General FAQs and if your questions aren’t answered there, email us at covid19@outsystems.com or post it to the COVID-19 forum.

Almost one hundred ideas in the first 24 hours? This is a great sign!

Thank you community!


Maybe it was cool to have a repository where we can share some content (like endpoint for WS that can be usefull, usefull documentation, etc) and keep it all together, so that can be used when need it in the project development. (I think that this can be a good boost).

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

I have already made two contributions, and congratulations on this beautiful initiative. At this time, all people can contribute to help this cause, even we in the programming area, we can create applications that can help and / or facilitate the national services of each country to make small administrations, which will give space for those same services to focus and dedicate more to other points.

Congratulations OutSystems.

Best regards,
Nuno Verdasca