web input filename --- after upload, is it possible to download the file?

web input filename --- after upload, is it possible to download the file?


Thanks in advance for the help. My question is the following: after I have uploaded a file to the server using the 'Web Input Filenam' widget, I then want to download the same file to my PC.

Is it possible to do this?

Hi Roberto,

I assume you have saved the contents of the file on the database, is that is?
If that is the case, to download the file you just need to get that record using a query and then use the Download tool as explained here.

Tiago Simões
Hello Roberto,

To download the file, you simply have to use the Download widget in the Screen Action that downloads the file content - you can read about the Download widget in the Service Studio online help.

What you would tipically have to create a download file feature would be:
  • Create a [Download] button in your screen
  • This [Download] button leads to a screen action that gets the file content and downloads it to the user with the Download widget (see the image below)

I hope this information was helpful.

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço


Thanks for your responses. I see that there is a download option from the contents stored in the DB. But is the uploaded file stored 'as is' (I mean the exact file uploaded in the same format) somewhere in the server and can it be downloaded directly?

What I mean is I that I would like to upload a file, store it in the server, and download that exact same file, not the copy stored in the DB.