Copy users from a Role to a new one

Hi all,

I'm gonna publishing a new web app containing several roles. I have to insert 250 USERS in those roles.

Luckily I have another web app with the same users / roles structure.

Is there an easy way to copy all the users from a role to another one ?

Can I simpy use an SQL query using the ossys_user and ossys_usereffrole ?

Thanks !


Hi, if the roles are exactly the same, why do you not put these users in a group, and then assign the user roles of both the apps to the group? This can be done in the Users Application. 

Hi Bas, thanks for your answer ...

I would like to know if there's a fastest way: I don't want to click on each user, add him to a group or a role ... etc.

That's the reason why I asked for the "query" method ... something like

INSERT INTO new_role (SELECT * FROM old_roles WHERE = xyz)

Hi Loca,

If the role is different then you can build a server action in which implement functionality to grant the role whichever you want(Using Outsystems Grant action) to all users, like the below and use that Server action in a Timer and run that timer.

Hope this will help you!!



Hey Luca,

There's a Forge component (link to forum-discussion) able to import your LDAP structure. I suggest reading into it.

I myself know nothing about this component, but the discussion there is similar to your question and they provide links to documentation too.

Hope this helps,