eSpace update requires republishing?

eSpace update requires republishing?

When a referenced eSpace is updated does the main eSpace automatically reflect this change to the end user? or does it need to be republish to reflect the change.

Example you have eSpace:"Customer" it makes reference to "CustomerGUI"
You update "CustomerGUI" espace when the user visit your site at http://domain/Customer

will he instantly see the new changes made in "CustomerGUI" or does the "Customer" eSpace require republished to reflect this change?
Hi Robert,

The changes made to objects in CustomerGUI will only be visible in the Customer application when this is published - the binding to the producer objects is done only when the consumer application is compiled.

In case you want to guarrantee that all consumers of a producer are updated, you can simply create a solution with the consumers to update and publish it.


Daniel Lourenço