Hi Enthusisats,

I am facing one basic issue while consuming SOAP API:

API is doing just normal Addition, 2 input parameter and 1 output, I have created one form where user can input two integer values and has been mapped to api's input and I want to display output coming from API Please let me know how can I display it?

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You can just use an expression in your screen that return the API result. If you are using Traditional web don't forget to AJAX refresh that expression in the action that calls the API method.

This is a simple way to do that, but in more complex cases you must follow one solution that gives you the best trade off based in best practices.

Hope this can help.

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Hi Anu,

Please find attached sample of application for consuming simple source service and display reuslt on screen.


Thanks Richardo and Nikhil for quick response. It worked for me :)