Null values getting populated in db after clicking on submit button

Hi Team

This issue is an intermittent issue.The issue is there is an application where the users raise expenses and two fields are mandatory that means they can not be left as empty .But after clicking on submit button ,when it goes for the approval to the manager the two fields become null and in the database also those two fields become null.What can be the reason behind this issue as it comes sometimes and we are not able to reproduce it also.

Outsystems and service studio version 11

web and mobile application

Hi Divya,

Can you check if you have marked those fields as Mandatory in the properties tab?


Hi Divya,

This seems to be an issue with your logic otherwise what you have written makes complete sense and should not lead to this issue.

Please share your oml file so that we can check what is wrong in the implementation.

Hi Divya,

The two filed that you are saying are mandatory are mandatory in db entity or just on the screen , i am hoping that those were only mandatory in the screen else you will get an db error while inserting null values in the entity.

My next question is , are you using upload widget on your screen and are these fields are data from the upload widget like document and filename (just guessing).

More details will help us move further .



Note that mandatory Entity Attributes will only cause an error in case they are Foreign Keys (i.e. Entity Ids), not otherwise.

Like what has been said, my guess is just faulty screen logic. @Divya: did you attempt to debug the code to see what goes on? If not, why not? Debugging is one of the very valuable tools a developer has when developing software! (And it's much faster than posting a question on a forum, and waiting for answers!)

would you happen to be using forms on your screen?

i had this problem when using forms because changes to the form were not being updated back to the variable, and i was passing the variable back to be updated.