Relation to itself - [Entity 1] > relation > [Entity 1]

Is it possible to have an entity with a relation to itself? (parent-child)

For example, if I want to create a WBS (Work breakdown structure) I need to have an activity with a relation to another activity (so relation to itself) in order to build up that Breakdown structure. Example of a WBS for those who aren't familiar with the concept:

Thanks for your help!!



Why wouldn't this be possible? If you have an Entity called "MyEntity", you can create an Attribute "MyEntityParentId" of type "MyEntityId"? Have you even tried to do that? What are you running into?


Thanks Kilian, I was trying to create the relations through the entity diagram only, and in there I manage to create relations to different entities, but not to itself.

Ah, right, you should've added that explanation right away :). Good use case though, I would've never thought of that.