passing data to a fusionchart

passing data to a fusionchart


I have a webscreen which calls a webservice. The result of the webservice call is rendered in a table. Until there, ok. But then I want to show the result of the webservice call in a fusionchart and that is where I am having problems. I have attached the espace(WEBSERVICETEST2.oml). I want to plot Date as the x axis and 'Weather Id' as the Y axis. I have left the DataXML empty because I do not know what value to input there so that my graph is as desired.

Thanks in advance for the help. I am new to the platform so I might be missing some aspects that you can easily comment on.

Hi Robert

The Fusion Charts allows to define the chart data trough XML input, an din this case, you'll need to build the XML data and place it in the DataXML input parameter.

Documentation on the fusion charts can be found at

In this particular chart, a Column 3D, you have a good example at

In order to build the XML data, you'll need to define local variable with the graph XML element  header, then use a for each node to iterate through your list record, and concatenate the proper XML code for each row. Then, finalize the XML data, by closing the XML graph element tag. I've mapped the example into the image below.

After you have the XML data, just set it as input parameter onto your chart.

Check the Fusion Charts documentation, because there are a lot of options that you can use while building the charts.

Have Fun.


Miguel João.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the response. It worked. Th resulting eSpace is attached.