Active Sessions : How to identify them?

Hello everyone,

Anyone knows of a way of identifying if a given user has it's session active?

I would like to build a timer to change some variables when a user logs out, or when session expires, and the only way i can find to this is interacting with the database OSASPState....the only problem is understand this database and its tables....

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Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

Reading the ASPState database does not seem like a viable option. What exactly do you want to do? What's the requirement?


Daniel Lourenço
Hello Daniel,

The requirement focus on checking a user's availability to send an e-mail.

Imagine if you have two departments : one information department and one technical department.

A Customer arrives at the information department and asks for some info that requires technical advice. The information assistant checks the application for the available engineers, and sends an email to one of them.

Checking availability is somewhat similar to a chat application. A user logs in, and sets it's available status.

I can have a mechanism that changes availability on logout, but not on session timeout :S...

Any ideas?

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Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hi Diogo

Depending on the requirements, you can have a mechanism that checks the last access to a screen by a given user, and use that to estimate the timeout - if a user has accessed a screen in the last N minutes, it is active. You can do this with the Log_Screen system entity, joining with User.

Note that this will give you nearly the same information as the session timeout - i.e. when a user "leaves", his session will be available for an amount of time that equals the session timeout, counting from the last screen access.
Hi Acácio,

Thank you for your answer. It might do the trick.

Best Regards, Diogo C S Cordeiro