how to deploy war file in wildfly server

Hi ,

Could anyone please let me know how to deploy .war file in wildfly application server.

I am having an outsystem environment with wildfly server as application server.



Hi Kiran,

Not sure I understand your question.

First, Java stack was dropped on version 11. So, I am assuming you are running an old Platform Server (<11)?

What I don't understand is why you want to now about deploying "war" files.
Once the OutSystems Server is installed and configured, deployment to the Application Server is done by the platform.

At least in .Net stack is like this, and while I don't have experience with the Java Stack, I would say this works the same way. 

So, what you do is to develop the application in Service Studio and publish, in Dev, for example. When you want to deploy to Quality or production, you use the LifeTime, or you create a Solution in Service Center, download it, and publish in the other environment through the Service Center. 


Hi Jauch,

We are using outsystem 10 for our environment and we are planning to implement ELK monitoring for our outsystems application in this environement. Towards this we need to deploy war file(ELK application file) on wildfly server.

I have copied the war file to /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments folder but it is not getting deployed after the services restart. Hence i would like to know the process to deploy this war file on wildfly server.

Please let me know for any queries.



I would say that this has absolutely nothing to do with "OutSystems".

You may try something like this?