Outsystems join table aggregate pagination

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I have a problem creating the pagination because I have join tables and the aggregation create in the _CORE module, then called it from the Service module.
Both sides don't have the "StartIndex."
Any Idea how to make it work?


When you are using the table records we have to set up the start index and the pagination you can take from Richwidgets module.

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(EmployeeTable.Id, True)

and use this function to set the start index.

Thanks for your reply

I have tick the Richwidgets from Manage dependencies but.. still cannot find it in the tools.

Please find the attached files.

any Idea?


Please search for list navigation in the search box in right top corner where you will find the magnifier icon.

and you will find it.

Hope it will help you.



You can refer this post as well.


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Okay, got it. Thank you

You are welcome!