Hi Experts,

I have been trying to upload a file inside the list records but it failed, is there any workaround on this.

Please take note that when I tried to use it outside the list records it works just fine.


Hi Jay-jay,

The widget upload doesn't work inside widgets list records and/or table records. As work around, link and open a popup that has the upload widget.



Hi Jay Jay ,

Please find the attached oml , i did this multiple times using the forge component and i hope that it should work for you as well.



Processing Upload...

Hi Jay Jay,

You can create some customer record in the application to see the upload control in the list and than you can upload the record against each row , its fast and asynchronous also.

Please let me know if you face any issue in implementing this in your application. Also uploading the forge component which i am using within the list so that you wont have reference issue.



Hi, Pramod Jain

Thanks for your input. 

I mark ts as solved

You are always welcome :)