Example of how to use RichWidgets\Tabs_ClientSide?
Hi Robert,

To use RichWidgets\Tabs_ClientSide you need to put it inside a container with a style Tabs_Wrapper. The tabs are just other containers inside the same parent container with style set to Tabs_TabBody. Their title extended properties will be shown in tab caption.

You might need to append this to your CSS: Tabs_Wrapper {} .Tabs_TabBody {}

You can see an example in the StyleGuide template Help screen.

Tiago Simões
Hi Rober,

Place one container and expande it. Set it style to Tabs_Wrapper.
Next insert the rich widget Tabs_ClientSide inside the container.
Now place one new container for each tab that you want to have.
Place them bellow the Tabs_ClientSide and inside the FIRST container.
Set the new containers style to Tabs_TabBody and in extended properties set Name: title and Value: "<write here the name you want to appear in the tab>" for each container.
Now inside each "Tabs_TabBody" container you put the "code" you want for that TAB.

Then you're ready! :)
I have an error message using that component in IE 7. 
The message is "Uso inválido do RichWidgets\Tabs_ClientSide_ActivateTab: A tab especificada tem de se encontrar dentro do container de tabs.". 
I'm sure using right way to implement it, because it's works wells in IE 9.
How to fix it?

Hi Miguel,

Were you able to solve that issue? See below an example of the hierarchy you have to setup (in this case, for two tabs):