synchronizing data with accept-server and production server


I want to synchronise my entity-data from the accept-server and the production server.
Is there a good way to do it.?

Hi Joost,

Are the databases exactly the same? Or do you need to execute data migration? If so, how complex is the data migration?
For example, is the USER_MASTER information exactly the same (is user with ID=2 the same in all the servers the same users exist in the two servers)?

I have seen two different solutions for information migration between OutSystems environments:
  • Content Synchronization in the OutSystems CMS (Content Management System) - The contents are inserted in the Q&A server. When the content is fine tuned and approved, there is a Synchronization operation that copies the contents to the production server via web services in the Production environment that implement the business logic to copy the contents;
  • Migration of an application running in one server to another already existing server - In this case, the whole application information had to me migrated from one server to the other - for example, the same users existed on both databases, but they had different IDs. In this case an OutSystems migration application had to be created. As there was a great amount of information and tables to migrate, views were create (over database links) between the two servers so that the OutSystems migration application could select information from one system and insert it in the new one.
If you want to do pure database replication, I suppose there are good solutions at the database level. This, of course, will depend on the kind of database you are using. For example, I investigated a a bit on SQL Server 2008 and found the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Import and Export Wizard (see the article it here

I hope this information helps.

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Daniel Lourenço
They should be the same at least.

The bottom line is actually that I want to copy all data from accept to production once.

I Joost,

Is the production server running? I find it strange to want to copy the full Q&A server to PRD.

One other option is to backup of the Q&A database, restore it and start the production server on it. Read the Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone technical note to see how to do this. With this you can create a full copy of the the OutSystems catalog and configure another server to run over it.

If only part of the information should be copied, I would explore the options in my previous post.


Daniel Lourenço

I think Content Synchronization in the OutSystems CMS (Content Management System)  is the best way.

I have created some webservices already to get an wsdl-export.
however, when you trying to import the same you will get double entities which looks very confusing.
when I have time i will look in the cms solution if they use a better way to solve that.