[Google Maps Library] Long/Lat ignored when using MarkerList

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Published on 26 Feb by Labs
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Published on 26 Feb by Labs

Hi there,

I have a strange problem with the map when providing a Markerlist.

Only defining CenterLatitude and CenterLongitude works fine and map centers around these coordinates. When I provide a MarkerList (90% of time) the map loads somewhere in the middle of nowhere (also not around the markers)

In my phone app I have 2 async calls to get the GPS position and call the db for markers. I have the feeling it depends which one is faster, but nor sure. 

Is there a need to refresh the map or only load once all data is present?

PS: API Key was removed for screenshot but is implemented and working.


Do you use get "Fetch Data" to get the data ?

Maybe if you could provide the oml (pls remove the API key).