Architecture Dashboard Empty

Our Architecture dashboard no longer collects information, it remains empty.

I have looked over the configuration it is setup as described, what I see in monitoring is that all calls are 0kB.

The new version dashboard keeps mentioning gathering data, but this has been going on for multiple days.

Anyone has suggestions how to troubleshoot or fix this?

Update: added screenshots. 

HI Dieter,

Can you share the screenshot of your architecture dashboard?

Hi Dieter,

Can you check if something pops up when you set the fitlers for Findings to 'All' and also 'All Teams'?



Also login to Service Center of your dedicated LifeTime server and check if the following webservice calls are going through:

Nordin Ahdi wrote:

Also login to Service Center of your dedicated LifeTime server and check if the following webservice calls are going through:

Even with All teams it's empty.

The setup of our environment doesn't have a dedicated Lifetime server. Everything is installed one server.

I do see the integration calls correctly running on the dev environment service center, not in production

So you are still on OutSystems 10 right. In that case, make sure you have to correct version of Discovery installed (3.0.9 or later). Also check out these FAQs.

Why are my applications now showing in Architecture Dashboard?

If you face the scenario where, although the infrastructure modules are appearing on the filters, you don't have any application being shown, this can mean that there are synchronization issues between Architecture Dashboard and Discovery.

In order to solve it, please ensure that you installed the Discovery version mentioned on the installation pre-requirements.

"To collect Architecture metrics, Discovery version 3.0.9 or later (for OS 10) / 4.0.2 (for OS 11) or later must be published in the Development environment"

If you have the required Discovery version and the applications still don’t show, please contact the team via Support Portal .

One more question. Did the synchronization work before?

How you seen these pre-requirements? Because one of the mentioned requirements is that LifeTime should be installed in a dedicated environment.



We are on OutSystems 11.
It did work before, but it did stop somewhere in the last month due to updates of the platform or the dashboard itself (it now has the new dashboard interface).

We are aware that it was a pre-requirement, but it did work regardless.

So I wanted to point you to OutSystems support with your issue, but I'm afraid they will tell you that you are running an unsupported scenario with LifeTime installed on an existing environment.

Management Environment: The environment that hosts LifeTime application, which is the infrastructure management console. Given its requirements, LifeTime application must run in a dedicated environment. Installing LifeTime in an existing environment is not a supported scenario.

In any case, I'm also out of ideas if all of the above did not help.