Special characters in a Static Table

Special characters in a Static Table

I'm creating a generic data / file importer for legacy database table unloads; separated by e.g. a pipeline, comma, dotcomma, tab or even a return.
I'm putting those separators in a static table's text field.

The user can select with that which type of separator should be used.
I'm having some problems putting in the TAB and the ENTER characters in the static table though.
Does anyone know a way to put those in?
An ASCII() function would be very nice :)


Hi Eric,

Have you tried to copy the character from a text editor and pasting into the Static Entity record value? I suppose that would work.

Nevertheless I think putting invisible characters in Service is not a good idea. Maybe the best is to put the ASCII codes in the Entity and use the Chr() built-in function to convert to the specific characters in runtime (you could even do that only for the invisible ones, you add an IsAscii  boolean field that indicates if the value is an Ascii code or the character itseld). Read more abou the Chr built-in function in the OutSystems Service Studio help .

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

This copy-paste thing seems to work like a charm (only not for the Enter but this helps me enough).