Offline Sync


I am developing a Tablet application which works in Offline mode as well. During the login, i have called all the sync actions. But there is one entity which has approx 87mb of data(read only) because of which I am not able to login into my application because the size is excedded. Can someone please help me resolve this problem or best possible approach to resolve this issue?


Hi Priya,

if you have gone through the mobile course, it was advised to keep in mind like we should keep minimum data at local storage for offline purpose, your entity has approx 87mb of data which is very huge and not advised as well.

May i know the business scenario why you want load the whole 87mb of data during the offline syncing.

i think you need to partially sync the data and on need basis, you can make another call to load the rest of the data.


Manish Jawla 

Hi Priya,

As Manish already perfectly stated, loading 87mb of data is huge on a mobile device.

Ask yourself some questions:

  1. Is all this data needed for the particular user (eg. only user's orders and not all orders),
    If not filter the data on GetUserId(). Revise your local database model to only contain all the attributes that the mobile application needs.

  2. Does all the data need to be available on login? Most likely not, so you could first download the data that is shown on the first screen (or even the first visible data) before scrolling on the first page.

  3. Make sure you do the offline sync in the background, for an initial login you could show an empty slate with some information to explain to the users that data is being loaded.

  4. Do you sync large binary objects, and are these objects images?
    You can resize the images server site before retrieving them on the mobile. You can also consider using higher image compression. Try to resize to the minimal width & height that is needed to show them with acceptable quality on a mobile device.

  5. Do you sync large binary objects, and are only a few of the accessed?
    Maybe you can just download a small icon style version of the image, and on-demand of the user download the full image.

Well if I spent another 10 minutes I could come up with a few more possible strategies to fix your problem.