how to especify height on a textbox with FCK editor

how to especify height on a textbox with FCK editor


I'm using the FCKeditor in my application, but i would like to specify the height of the textbox wich is using the FCKeditor, where i can find the configuration to specify that propriety.

Thanks in advance.
Hi António,

You can find the FCKEditor documentation here, although I think it will just copy the height of the associated text input.

Tiago Simões
Hello Tiago,

Thanks for the link. I give the height to corresponding text input. When the page loads, i can see for a second the size that i especified in text input proprieties, but when fckEditor is loaded in that text input, that specified size is lost and it takes, i guess the default size defined in fckEditor configurations.

António Rodrigues
I found this tip in the documentation, my doubt is where i define this height ?
Is in the eSpace CKEDITOR ? Or is there a file in outsystems folder, to define it ?
Have someone experienced this issue that can give me a tip.

<static> {Number|String} CKEDITOR.config.height
Since: 3.0
The height of editing area( content ), in relative or absolute, e.g.
30px, 5em. Note: Percentage unit is not supported yet. e.g. 30%.

config.height = 500;
config.height = '25em';
config.height = '300px';

Default Value:

Thanks in advance.
António Rodrigues
I think you can just add an extended property style "height:400px;" in the bound input.