Hi, I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for those new to outsystems and that will help them.

The intention is to have an app that does a CRUD with the collected data.

I have this mock of what the app would be.

What do you think would be a good idea?



Hi Cristian,

For sure this is an awesome idea and will be helpful for the whole Community! You can post it on the Development Questions and Troubleshooting forum and after being reviewed we can move to "Hints and How-to Guides"

How are you planning to do this tutorial? Code sample accompanied by video tutorials?

Thank you for this! All help is very welcome :)


Great idea Christian,

You can create the application and submit to the forge too. So, could be used like a template or demo!


Congratulations for this idea... step by step and all together we will fight this virus.

It's a nice idea, upload into the Forge to be a template to the new developers ;)

Good to see this app

Definitely help for new comer