Getting started with Menus

Hi I am a newbee to both Web development as well as OutSystems.
I have a Web Block that is the header for all the pages. (This header is based off one of the tutorials here).
I want to add a row of menu items to this Web Block. Some of those menu items will contain additional menu items (drop down), and some of those drop downs have additional drop downs (similar with a WinForm application menu).

I am using Service Studio version

Are there any tutorials for menus, or can anyone here get me moving in the right direction ? I do not see any menu widgets, and the like.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Jerry!

Sorry for the late reply.

The description you're giving me isn't that clear, but if you're looking to add menus to your application, similar to the ones we have in the OutSystems Agile Network, the simplest way I can think of of helping you out is to try and use the OutSystems Style Guide, which you can download here:

or follow the Style Guide tutorial, under the Developer Course 2:

Do know, however, that for you to be able to fully access and follow this tutorial, you should have done some basic tutorials beforehand.

If you really want drop-down menus, please let us know. Drop-down menus are usually very javascript-intensive, and their setup - in any Web language - is not straightforward.

Good luck, and let us know how it went!

Paulo Tavares


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have gone through most of the tutorials. I will take a look at those you have in the response.

Basically what am looking for is a menu system like the ASPxMenu from DevExpress (very nice), or even the default Visual Studio System.Web.UI.WebControls.Menu

I do have some javascript from Mike Hall  that I use in an older ASP.Net application. Rewriting that project, and wanted to try something new such as the Agile Outsystems solution.

Again, thanks for the reply, and I will checkout the links you provided.

Hi Jerry!

I just went through the website you mentioned, and indeed that has the exact look of a Win32 menubar.

On an initial impression, I'd say that it's easy for you to incorporate it with the Agile Platform as is, since it is mostly Javascript, CSS, and a bit of HTML.

However, the HTML part as is will not be benefitting from the flexibility that Service Studio grants developers when creating their applications. However, I'd say that if you contain it in an unescaped expression inside a WebBlock and let it be as is, you're good to go. It's pure HTML, mind you, but it'll be the only part you'll have to do as such :)

If you have the time, afterwards, you could always try to refactor the code in order to use the Platform's DIV Container widgets and link widgets as well.

If you end up setting it up and it works, feel free to share it with the Community as a component!

Let me know how it goes.

Best regards, and good luck!

Paulo Tavares