Restarting DC and FE servers


Is there any best practices or recommendations when restarting servers?

Like you should restart the FE first then DC or DC first then FE.



Hi, I think your question is not about OutSystems but about infrastructure, correct Lanz?


I leave you some information that can helps you:

I would advice you might want to get to the team that has setup your OutSystems infrastructure, if you’re not sure what you’re doing or why you’re doing it, I think it will be the best.



Hi Lanz,

I would say it depends on which server is having issues. Sometimes it is just a Windows Service that needs to be restarted and not the entire server. The Environment Health page in Service Center can help you identify which server is having issues. Both the Deployment Controller and Front-End are running some of these Windows Services.

Ok back to your question, let’s say both DC and FE servers are having issues and you came to the conclusion that you really need to restart both servers.
In this case, I would say restart the DC first since this server is the only one running the Deployment Controller Service which is responsible for compiling and deploying aplications to the FE. After that you can restart the FE also.